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  • by: Vikas Wadhwa

The whole world’s technologies have shifted towards the struggle against COVID-19. Like everyone, we’ve all wondered how today’s fascinating technologies are being used to fight the coronavirus. Of the most significant technologies put into effect against COVID-19 is Human’s DWELL.   


DWELL broke the news on WCVB, where Lawrence Griffith, founder & CEO of Human, spoke about how this modern technology’s applications could revolutionize the way we deal with COVID-19. Initially, Lawrence explained how Human’s DWELL was applied in the marketing space and business areas before the pandemic.    


After the pandemic’s rise, Lawrence mentioned in the interview that “Once COVID-19 became prevalent and started to grow; we began to get more and more requests to do contact tracing because DWELL technology is extremely sensitive and hyper-accurate”. He stressed that DWELL is perfect for this situation because we can plug it into a native app owned by a health department or the city to help them find the infected locations within a specific region.    


Every time a person stops in any location, DWELL will mark that location; and tell exactly where the individual has been and how long every step of the way. So if a person has spent a long time in an area or multiple areas where the infection rate is high, the technology will inform healthcare physicians about the specific times and locations of that person if the person was infected. Lawrence clarified to Karen in the interview that DWELL is not an app, but an app enhancement. “It can be plugged into any app to increase the experience.”    


Towards the end of the interview, Karen asked Lawrence about how people’s data are being used, and that’s when he replied by saying that Human does not sell the data that it collects. Brands that benefit from the data are more concerned with what group an individual fits in, not personal information such as first & last name. Lawrence notified Karen that Human is currently working with two different states and three cities where DWELL has been integrated successfully.  


Ultimately, Lawrence concluded by telling Karen that “We want to keep people safe,” which is why many companies have shifted their technologies towards COVID-19. All this effort by Human and tech companies worldwide is for the greater good of humanity. 


Click to watch the full interview on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DI5_AKA5JG0&t=56s


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