Our patented technology is driving better health decisions.

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  • by: Lawrence Griffith

Discover how Human's patented technology is playing an essential mobile messaging role during the Corona Virus. 


 1.    Microfencing ™ 

During these uncertain times, consumers are seeking out the essentials. They value direction while out on their weekly grocery excursion. App users who have notifications on can receive messages when they walk down the street. Their grocery store can ping them when they hit a hyper-accurate micro-fence ™ in front of the store entrance, letting them know there is a sale on frozen veggies, toilet paper, and flour. Or that their favorite local restaurant is offering 15% off online take out orders. Microfencing ™ is accurate up to 30 feet, compared to 500 feet like traditional geofencing.


2.    DWELL ™ 

Understand your audience. Notice how a consumer's day has changed now that their home is their office. Are they getting coffee from the shop down the street in the morning? What grocery stores are they frequenting? DWELL ™ will catch you up with how your audience's routine has shifted. 


3.    Present ™ 

Present ™ provides real-time data by analyzing your business's app. When an app user passes through a micro-fence ™, Present notices changes in routines. This data is collected and organized into your specific target audiences based on frequency, engagement, and conquests. Present ™ assists you in making smarter, data-driven decisions to create better engaging marketing campaigns that fit what your loyal consumer requires right now.


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