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HUMAN gathers and leverages deep insight from complex patient journeys by collecting and analyzing behavioral data for patients. HUMAN helps payers, providers, and patients by improving care and lowering costs through a more interoperable health care system. HUMAN is the future of health care by providing a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s behaviors, sharing relevant content and messages based on the patient’s behaviors, and a plethora of data to better understand and treat the patient.


1. Micro-fencing ™ Micro-fencing ™ takes learning from patient behavioral data and allows providers and payers to share relevant messages with patients at the right time. Micro-fencing ™ can offer messages such as where health care products are on sale, healthy food options, or high-risk areas. Traditional geofencing can only be accurate to 500 feet, but Micro-fencing ™ can be exact up to 30 feet.

2. DWELL ™ DWELL ™ is crucial for understanding your patient and their behavior and activity outside the appointment. Data from DWELL ™ helps decrease the time doctors spend gathering behavioral information while providing a better understanding of a patient’s lifestyle. Access to this information is transforming health care to be more effective, efficient, and equitable.

3. Present ™ Present ™ provides real-time data by analyzing your business's app. When an app user passes through a micro-fence ™, Present notices changes in routines. This data is collected and organized to be understood by all parties. Present ™ assists you in making smarter, data-driven decisions to better understand and treat your patient. For example, Present ™ can combine all of a patient’s data and files to ensure that an unnecessary test is not done or repeated.


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