Benefits to the Provider

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  • by: Mckenna Frey

When HUMAN is implemented, it has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Micro-fencing™ is the next-generation fencing technology that is more precise than any other existing geolocation software, with an accuracy of 5-30 ft. Dwell™ detects individual behavior over time, and Present™ provides data points for risk profiles and objective behavior information. The combination of these three tools work to gather and analyze more data than ever before to address the social determinants of health while assisting in the transition of healthcare to be more efficient, effective, and equitable.

While HUMAN benefits payors, providers, and patients, Let’s focus on the specific provider benefits. Using HUMAN can assist you in increasing your time efficiency. Providers do not need to lose time acquiring background information about the patient and their activities or habits. Rather, providers have access to relevant behavioral information that better understands a patient’s surroundings, lifestyle, and health. This optimizes the clinician’s time and revenue generation because they can meet with more patients.

Another benefit is the extensive data on the patient itself. Dwell provides a comprehensive account of all the patient’s activities and movement, which is useful in truly understanding the patient and the problem, and thus the solutions that may work best. Furthermore, all health files can be consolidated in one location, allowing doctors to continue to provide more effective care. As a result, the clinician can keep their plan and clinical data while adding behavioral data from Dwell™.

Overall, Micro-fencing™ is a valuable asset that providers can use to send relevant, timely messages to their patients to encourage healthier lifestyles. They can offer rewards for healthy behavior or notify patients of vital health messages. Outside of the office, these messages can aid in the implementation of care and guidance.

HUMAN will improve healthcare by providing extensive data, more effective time management, and the capacity to deliver appropriate location-based communications as a provider. It is clear that if implemented, providers will notice excellent outcomes.