Working from home tips.

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  • by: Vikas Wadhwa

With the spread of COVID-19 across the country, Human has been practicing teleworking and social distancing to keep ourselves and our community safe. Gov. Pritzker of Illinois and Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago issued a shelter-in-place order. Together we can help #flattenthecurve if we continue to quarantine to protect those at risk or who must keep going into work. Here are a few tips from Human’s HR department on working from home! 


1. Get up, Get ready, and Get dressed! 

Many articles came out this week suggesting we maintain our normal routines as much as possible. Getting up at your usual time and dressing to a more comfortable style of work clothes will help your body feel prepared to work. Only dress nicer if you will be at a video conference and it is required! 


2. Create an “At Home” Office 

If you already have one, great! If not, find a space that isn’t your bed, with wiggle room, a comfy seat/standing option, and that close to outlets. Make sure all of your work essentials can fit, and you’re submerged in as much natural light as possible.  


3. Create a Schedule 

 Having a definitive schedule is necessary when your entire career or university goes remote. Often, people are not used to it and need a visual aid to keep track of projects or just delegating time to forgettable tasks.  


4. Take Breaks! 

Make sure to take time during the workday to stand up, stretch, or take a quick walk to get the mail while maintaining a safe social distance. Keep your body moving after work hours with a family activity inside or a quick workout video you already love. Also, make time for meals and make sure you’re maintaining your usual diet and drinking lots of water.  


5. Keep in Touch! Have a plan. 

Most importantly, keep in touch with your co-workers, friends, and family during this time! Check-in on your family out of state by phone and make sure you can contact each other in case something happens. Having an emergency plan is essential during a pandemic.


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