Patient Benefits

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  • by: Mckenna Frey

HUMAN offers benefits for patients, providers, and payers. Today, we will focus on the numerous benefits on the patient’s end. Dwell™, Micro-fencing™, and Present™ are particularly helpful for patients to be conscious of their health and habits and get rewarded for good behavior. 

The first benefit for patients is that using Dwell™ to track behavior can lower a patient’s co-pay if they are demonstrating healthy behavior. This can help patients save money and encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Additionally, monitoring their behavior and activities can help patients live a healthier life since they are conscious of their behaviors and choices. They can check their progress and understand how their choices are affecting their health. Patients can also stay on track with reward points, fitness tracking, and healthier eating suggestions. Micro-fencing™ can also alert patients of healthy places to eat nearby or places where fruits and vegetables are on sale, thus encouraging a healthier lifestyle. 

Lastly, patients can be notified about health risks and other vital health messages. Patients can be advised about high-risk locations or COVID-19 outbreaks, so they know where not to go. Patients with chronic conditions, such as lung disease, would also be informed about air quality and contaminants, allowing them to know what they are capable of accomplishing on a daily basis. Patients can be kept secure and informed about their surroundings via real-time, location-based communications. 

These are just a few of the patient-side benefits that can help improve healthcare for the better. By gathering data and information on a patient’s behavior, can help better tailor healthcare to their specific needs and make more efficient use of time with the provider for overall more effective healthcare.